California Dreaming

They say all good wine can transport you, so at New Street Wine, we are offering brilliant wine that will make you dream of those California Vineyards.

We’ve teamed up with our pals at California Wines to bring you the best, in the form of a bespoke wine menu, which will be available until until July 6th so make sure you pop in for a tipple… or two!

But it won’t only be the wine that transports you to those Californian vineyards (!), from the 18th June we will be transforming New Street Wine into the California dreamland itself, as we play host to an immersive installation featuring live vineyards and overflowing vines!

Come and soak up the atmosphere at our next Meet the producer event with Californian wine producer Rajat Parr on 10th July – for free!

What’s more we will be offering free corkage on all Californian wines throughout July!