Drink Up London Online | California Wine Tasting Workshop

New Street Wine will be hosting a special wine tasting workshop, hosted by Californian Wine producer Rajat Parr who will share knowledge on the hard-earned secrets of soil, climate and vine which have been passed from generation to generation, providing Californian wine with its legacy and fantastic range.

The California Wine menu will feature three white wines including a classically-styled Californian Chardonnay ‘Wildboy’; a savoury and clean Roussanne ‘Ballard Canyon’; and the elegantly fruity Chardonnay ‘Upper Barn Vineyards’ cultivated from one of the oldest Chardonnay mountain vineyards in California. Red wines include the award-winning Zinfandel from Seghesio Family Vineyards in Sonoma Valley; Pinot Noir ‘Santa Rita Hills’ produced with low-technology and wild fermentations; and Napa Valley’s Mount Brave Melbec, an interestedly different wine with espresso undertones.