A Taste of California: Tasting at New St Wine

Always dream bigger!

Join us on Thursday 4th July from 6.30pm to celebrate Independence day in true USA style with our ‘A Taste of California’ tasting event at New Street Wine.

We will be joined by Olivier Freyssinet from The Jackson Family Wine estate, a major player in the production of USA wines. Olivier will lead us through the following wines which will be tasted on the evening, each accompanied by American style nibbles:

  • Riesling, Kendal-Jackson
  • Chardonnay,  Hartford Court
  • Cabernet-Sauvignon, Anakota
  • Cabernet-Sauvignon, StoneStreet
  • Cabernet Franc, La Jota

Tickets are £35.

Historic and upcoming, the West Coast of the USA has been since a long time producing Amazing Wines.  The Jackson Family from the 80’s has been playing an essential role on the development of the wine production. This evening Olivier will show case the differences between the region, terroirs, style of wine and obviously give you a great overview of the Californian Wines!