Live Your ‘Cheesy’ Lunch Break at New Street Wine


What do you do with that one hour a day when you’re supposed to be taking your lunch break? Sit at your desk and carry on with your work? Well now we’re saying NO MORE! This year D&D are encouraging you to live your lunch break and do something with it.

So why not, gather your colleagues or friends and join us at New Street Wine on Friday 22nd March from 12.30 – 1.15 for the ultimate cheese tasting with  Beillevaire cheese.

Our expert team and specialist from Beillevaire will be presenting 5 delicious cheeses for you to taste, coming from all over the UK.  Sit back and learn something new, while feasting on the best cheeses the UK has to offer…there’ll be plenty.

Tickets cost £10.

For more information please call 0203 195 9621 or email

Live Your Lunch Break is D&D’s year-long group-wide charity campaign, aiming to provide Londoners with good value and delicious lunches, as well as a curated line-up of inspiring speakers and lunch break activities. Plus we’re adding £1 to every lunchtime bill in partnership with each charity.